The awning preferred by campers!

More shade and less weight with the Fiammastore
Trust Fiamma, we invented the case awning for motorhomes and caravans.

With the Fiammastore awning you can double the living space of your vehicle in less than one minute.
It offers a cool and covered open space outside and lowers temperature inside.
The Fiammastore allows you to keep windows and doors open for air circulation during rainy weather.
Wet gear can be taken off outside in order to avoid bringing dirt inside the vehicle. Fiamma awnings are the most elegant, userfriendly and trustworthy awnings on the market today.

RV Accessories

Many RV accessories for your vehicle

Premium Quality RV Equipment: bike carriers, levellers, portable toilets and much more…

Spare Parts

Spare parts

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To place your order for spare parts please contact:
Fiamma Inc. - Parts Department

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